“A song of compys and gigas” Chap 1

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“A song of compys and gigas” Chap 1

It was a dark and cold night in the redwoods... and by the old waterfall ruins there was a small group of people sitting down by the river. These 10 men are high up in the sever totem pole, there riot and ascendet flak proves it. They talk in muffled voices as if there being hunted. However they are not the strongest on the sever... On this very same night INV looks out from his stronghold on the volcano. Ever since driving out previous alphas three months ago INV rules the sever with an iron fist. He is hated across the sever for the genoside of beach bobs and the weekend purges he athourises. Rebellions have always plagued his rule but each one ended in failure.... but then men in the redwoods think they have a strategy... the men at the redwoods are not just normal players... there the severs only hope for freedom and they are meeting to discuss the death of INV....

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