A song of compys and gigas (chap5)

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A song of compys and gigas (chap5)

Back at the resistance fleet, bob wakes up from his bed in raft block 21. It’s been three days since he came here and now he sent to meet with the confederate war council to discus why bob is here to begin with. He puts on his best hide clothing and soon walks across the anchored rafts to block 1. Inside ten men sit around a table with one seat open. One of them signals bob to sit down. “ So first of all welcome...” one of them say “I’m general king 55 of the forth confederate army and I would like to offer you a position to lead the 5th army. The other general died in a raid...” Bob is confused. He never told anyone about his old life. but then he realizes something... King...king... why is that name so familiar... Then it hits him. Back in fallied revolution against INV called the ten day war bob saved king after he was injured by an INV rex. Bob realizes that he no longer can keep quiet and he says as thoughts of INV flood in, “Sign me up”.

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