“Where the river runs red” CHAP TEN! WE DID IT!

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“Where the river runs red” CHAP TEN! WE DID IT!

It is now that the partisans have to bid fairwell to bob. On the banks of the river. Bob is tired... especially after being killed almost twice in two days. But he has to keep going. The fairwell is a quiet one. The partisans quickly make a raft and plop it into the river for crossing. Then they disappear into the forest. The only one left is the squad leader. He says in a low quiet voice. “Many of you don’t make it... sometimes we watch at this very spot the deaths... But you however... I have hope for you.” He says right before he salutes for a final time. Then after bob reruns the salute... the squad leader vanishes into the forest. Leaving bob again... to his own devices....

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