Jointed mysteries

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Jointed mysteries

Sorry, my hands r tired of telling stories. Anyway- enjoy! Also I looked for a different language for red woods and it was boschi Rossi = red woods.


Chapter 4

Fury turned to the mysterious voice beside them. “What do you want from US!?” Shuttle said sharpening his huge claws. “We’re stopping you from saving the world! Your going to our- he got interrupted by the other velanasaur -you aren’t supposed to tell them where their GOING!” he hissed to the other velanasaur. They snuck behind them before they stopped arguing. “Stop telling me what to- he saw them sneak by -where do you THINK YOUR GOING LITTLE JUVENILES!?” He hissed to them. “First of all, we’re not ALL juveniles and second of all, we have a person to find.” Anubis hissed back to them. “No way we’re letting you go! Nothing will stop us from getting- brontosaurus wacks them into the water -Oof!” (Splash!) “haha! That’s what you get!” Shuttle yelled. They kept wandering around the whole island looking for Mia: the fifth dinosaur. They went back to the Red Woods what survivors called it, but they called it: Boschi rossi. trying and trying to find the fifth dinosaur, but they already looked here. After they looked in the swamp, or witch fury called: the green river, but they found nothing. They searched and searched but found….a peligornus. ‘This must be Mia.’ Fury thought. He said hi to the female peligornus. “Hi!” Said the juvenile. “I’m Mia! What’s your name?” She asked. ‘It looks like we found the right person.’ Fury thought.

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