The forgotten war. part 2:

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The forgotten war. part 2:

I was cold. The forest was freezing and the sounds of the night did not allow me to sleep. Each time I was about to go to sleep I would think of my home and I… I can’t go in to detail about that, it was hard enough the first time. The raptor I rode down the hill lied next to me and the only thing that kept me calm was the soft breathing of my new friend. The people who had rode beside me had left to create a camp nearby but I stayed back because I though there would be people looking for us.

The next morning was rough. I visited the camp surprisingly no one had found it and I told them I would go look at the village. I rode my raptor up the hill and what we found imprinted itself in my mind I will never forget the ashes and skeletons on that hill. Was this my family member? I didn’t know either way everyone in our village were close so whoever it was was a friend. I went back down to the camp and told them what I had seen. Then, I decided to go explore I made a bow, a few arrows, a spear, and a shield made from a thin piece of bark.

I rode my raptor who I named Alex down the hill and we soon came upon a clearing. There were all types of dinosaurs and tons of trees and bushes. I was able to see so far this clearing was huge and I decided this would be my new home. I went back up the hill and began to get wood to build a small lodge in an area of the clearing near the forest in case I needed to run into the forest.

By this time the sun had began to set and in my new wooden lodge I made a bed and finally got some sleep

This short series is going in alphabetical order of the dinos hope you enjoyed bye-Brent 213

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