The Omega Timeline: Character list from Hopes Cry, brought…

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The Omega Timeline: Character list from Hopes Cry, brought too you by the one… THE ONLY… MRRRRRRRR….GHOSTGAMER!!! (Crickets chirping, distant clapping.)

The characters I will use are the following:

Buddy: An insecure, brainwashed Purlovia. Throughout the book he searches for his memory. Almost destroying the city of Allosaurus Island in the process.

Steve Buckleshoot: A very, very, VERY dumb squirrel. His previous owner (Justin Buckleshoot) had a teddy of him while he lived. Fortunately the teddy was not the actual Steve. Steve is merely a regular squirrel who stuck around the Buckleshoot Bakery. Justin would give him treats and talk on and on about another squirrel named Steve.(He was talking about the teddy Steve) Steve the actual squirrel would listen and finally came too the conclusion that MAYBE he himself was Steve. Steve the squirrel watched Justin get exploded and thought that Elizabeth (who Steve calls LizardBeard) had caused the explosion. You all are probably wondering why Steve is in Hope’s Cry’s timeline when Justin lived about 2000 years after Hope’s Cry. Well the answer is… he already went through a Omega Timeline. At the end of the event he was kicked into the wrong time. The Omega Timeline caused him too go CRAZY!!! Thus the name Steve ‘Loopy’ Buckleshoot. Ha!

Dr. Yang: A brilliant Doctor with the implant attribute to talk too animals. His assistant, Ben, based off the Brilliant Author on Dododex, is writing a book called The Arks Over Heaven. (AWSOME BOOK A NEED TOO READ!!)

Ember Black: A terror Bird. He is also the villain in Hope’s Cry. Although he has no great powers and such, he still is the main villain. He is also the [SPOILER] of [SPOILER]. 😈

Joe Kong: Eldest son of Mara Kong. Not much else except he has ZERO interest in making friends.


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