OK, after much consideration I have decided what my first five characters will be.

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OK, after much consideration I have decided what my first five characters will be. I will describe briefly there powers and personalities that I tried to make so that if y’all use them then y’all will know some stuff about them although Ben basically covered everything y’all need to know about them.

1. James Aragorn Riddle from TTDOT. In TTDOT he was simply called “Aragorn” do to the fact that he used his middle name so that his evil brother wouldn’t recognize him so in the crossover it would probably be easier to just call him “Aragorn”. He may seem a bit cold on the outside to strangers but he loves his family. is especially protective of He wears black all the time because…well no one knows, even as a kid he wore black. We learned in TTOTSP that his power is to control shadows and he can disappear and appear in different shadows or in his shadow which he controls. He was killed by being hung.

2. Arianna from TTDOT. James wife. A very patient living woman. She has no powers or medallion bc she married into the family. She loves to sing, especially with her husband. In TTOTSP James’ best friend Cole was in love with her and wanted to marry her but she thought of him only as a friend. She doesn’t like her children talking with food in their mouths.(idk why y’all needed to know that. 😂)

3. Emma from TTDOT. Emma’s power although not very explicit is that she can see the future and the past. However she will not use her power in the crossover (unless it’s in sudden flashes. Like in dreams) much bc she hasn’t gone blind yet. Her going blind was caused by her medallion power. She is very cheerful and sweet and is in love with Andrew Rodriguez. Michael, AKA the creepazoid is always after throughout TTDOT and gets very upset when she marries Andrew.

4. Jay from TTDOT. Has a very mischievous and fun loving personality. He is more controlled, strategic and cunning then his twin Jack. Jay has multiple powers. Some I have mentioned and some I haven’t. Jay can open portals and create illusions.

5. Jack from TTDOT. Jack is very easily embarrassed and has a bit of a temper issue at times(Like at him and Jay’s chess games) He will sometimes stutter when he gets to upset but otherwise…not so much. His power is regeneration, so he heals very very quickly. Also Josephina and Jaquin prefer Jay over him which he doesn’t really like.

These characters have all the memories of before chapter 24. Emma and Andrew are still in love with each other. I think that covers about it!


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