Moon, I did not start this fight but I don’t want it to continue.

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Moon, I did not start this fight but I don’t want it to continue. I’m not the bad guy in this story and I’m not trying to make anyone else the bad guy especially not u. I’m just trying to write a few stories here on Dododex and post helpful tips. I don’t know who told you I was trying to cause chaos but that is NOT true. Wyvernian is right: everyone needs to calm down! Also… are u and Wyvernian the same person? Bc y’all’s writing styles seem very similar. I was just wondering. Also what did u mean when u posted this:

Sunnyfox, I’m sorry. I never meant I hated the haters. I have huge respect for them, in fact. Glad to see you know scripture as well. Trust me, I’m not the kind to strike back. Like I said before, I’m just trying to eliminate any confusion in my section.

What I was calling you out for was the fact that you pretending to be several different people with different opinions like it’s some kind of game. It’s not; we’re all young adults here. Act like it.


and said that you were trying to eliminate confusion in your section? (I don’t get it that’s why I’m asking.) I’m not trying to strike at you so pls… let’s stop fighting. Ok? We CAN be friends, I don’t like fighting with people and I’m not trying to provoke a argument. You need to stop arguing like a child and act like a grownup. In fact we all do. Ok? I AM a Fan fictioner and have NEVER EVER been a hater. Also just bc they are haters doesn’t mean they are the ones downvoting are stories. So…all that to say let’s be nice and get along like grownups. Hope y’all have a great day. 😊.


P.S: Check out my story hyenas scars in hyenadon.

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