The Red Pike

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The Red Pike

Goliath’s story

Chapter 9

Goliath struggled to escape from the grip of the giant tuso that was squeezing him. He didn’t know where his axe was and he hoped he hadn’t lost it. With all his might he tore off one of the squids tentacles, and then tore off another. The squid wrapped one of its tentacles around Goliath’s neck and squeezed. He opened his mouth, regretting it when water filled his mouth and caused him to choke. Goliath then unleashed his weapon, he pushed one of his fingers down onto a small button on his wrist, and then a long sword like weapon shot out of his wrist and Goliath grabbed it in hand. He saw the tuso’s eyes widen and then he hacked away at the tentacles until the tuso let go and swam backwards away from him. Goliath swam away and climbed up onto the beach, finally away from the angry squid.


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