Ark Park

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Ark Park

a new series from the creator of Ark Tales

Episode 1

It was a sunny day. A group of people walked in the jungle. "Apparently he escaped here," said one. He was the leader of the group. He was in iron armor and wielded a long-barreled rifle. He had a scar on his right eye, made by a Raptor, which is why he hated them. He saw something running among the plants. He prepared the rifle. The creature attacked them. It was a Raptor. He jumped on one of them. Everyone shot him. The predator looked up and jumped on their leader


Bob woke up. He was still alive. He remembered fighting with an Allosaurus along with his Dodo and his 2 Dilophosaurs, only to have fled into the jungle as his home was destroyed. Then he met a Raptor, who killed him. He turned around. He saw his companions. That Allosaurus had destroyed the base of his tribe, killing everything and everyone. "Bob! Bob! Come here," a woman yelled.

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