New story (Go to baryonyx a war on Rockwell then dilo…

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New story (Go to baryonyx a war on Rockwell then dilo for the dilo way then this then carno king then there will be in giga mountain survival then Rockwell for abberation tribe wars than velonasaur for a new age) (maybe a story in titanosaur but i will say that in giga story)

Yuty life chapter 1 (literal last chapter sorry)

-lava (this is written in first person)

I woke up with my 4 carno bodyguards but we heard fighting so we hid. We see an army of baryonyxs and they use the obelisk but we charge and get teleported. We hide while we see a human kill the overseer. We got teleported and I recruited more carnos. Then stuff happened like killing stuff but we never saw the Barry’s again.

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