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Fallen World

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Fallen World

Chapter eight (Gizmo)

Gizmo clung onto Ember Claws back as he exited the cave, but then they heard a hissing noise. Ember Claw turned around and Gizmo saw insectoid creatures emerging from the shadows. They looked like very spiky meganeura, but a lot bigger, with huge mandibles and hooks on the ends of their legs which could easily tear her apart. The Zolps had found her.

“Let me deal with this” Gizmo squeaked.

“But you’ll get yourself killed!”

“No I won’t” Gizmo leapt of his back and rushed towards the group of Zolps, one of them hissed angrily, and she jumped onto its back and shredded its wings, before stabbing her wrist needle into its neck and jumping off. The Zolps fell to the floor as the poison got to work. She turned to the next one and clawed its eyes out. Another one jumped at her, but she ripped off one of its mandibles and used it to stab it in the neck. She ran to the next one and stabbed the mandible into its head before pulling its brain out. The last one tried to escape, but Gizmo ripped off its tail and skewered it with it. The Zolps were defeated.

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