Journey: Chapter 6

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Journey: Chapter 6

Forest walked through the jungle. Forest thought it was unusual for him to be in a jungle on Fjordur? And it was warmer than usual for Fjordur to be at night. Something was off, but Forest didn’t know what it could be.

He continued walking in the dark. He thought he could hear something near him, but he wasn’t sure. He continued on, but after some time heard twigs breaking behind him. He definitely heard something following him in the jungle around him.

“Is Somebody out there?” Forest said out loud, he knew if someone was following they wouldn’t come out unless they were dumb enough to do it.

But, he hoped it would startle them enough to give him a chance to spot them in the jungle around him. But all he could see is ferns, trees, other tropical plants and a couple of glowing lights in the distance to his left. He thought it could be a human hut with torches on the outside.

He decided to stay quiet so that a human wouldn’t come over and kill him or do anything worse to him. He continued walking until he was sure that he had been far enough away from the house he could walk normally. He looked around and saw the glowing lights again, he decided he must not have walked far enough away from the house.

He walked for an hour straight and the lights were still behind him, he knew something was off now. He hadn’t been walking in circles. Then he saw the lights blink, they were eyes of a creature. He screamed and almost immediately the creature ran up and bit him several times in different places. Forest tried to swipe the thing away, but he started feeling woozy.

The world started spinning around faster and faster, his voice and breathing started sounding echoey, his vision started warping and he fell on the ground looking to the sky. And just before he blacked out, he saw the creature look down at him but couldn’t identify what it was. Then he blacked out completely.

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