A new age chapter 2 (sorry I haven’t written in a while)

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A new age chapter 2 (sorry I haven’t written in a while)

By lava the dilo

The parents and children were sleeping. Elthe only problem was that one kid was awake... and outside. Suddenly a massive roar came from outside. Barry quickly got up and looked what was out there. His son and about a mile away... a corrupted giga. The same that grabbed him and put him threw the portal.Barry ran outside but the giga was fast. He grabbed the baby and ran back to the cave. The giga was getting too close for comfort so he threw the kid in. The giga was so close and Barry was scared, he wouldn’t make it in time. Then suddenly a mek came out of nowhere and destroyed the giga. A person got out of the mek. And helped Barry back in his cave. That person had made a base on top of Barry’s cave. He wondered why she helped him and came back with a giga head for dinner. The end.

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