A new age -lava the dilo. (Chapter 1)

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A new age -lava the dilo. (Chapter 1)

He woke up and saw something big he ran and ran finally he escaped that weird black thing. (5 years later) the two kids ran around talking in the cave. The baby ate bugs for some reason. The parents talked about random topics. Eventually they had dinner. A dodo was on the table while on the adult table a dead carno. They ate all the food on the table. The end


I will explain now the dad is barry (from a war on Rockwell in bary section) for new people the family is baryonyxs Barry from my old series a new Barry called a Sarah. The oldest kid is Sasha the youngest kid is jack and the baby is luka.the big thing was a gigs pulling him out of a portal.Barry wouldnt have survived if the king titan didnโ€™t start killing the giga and Barry ran away. They hid in a cave and Barry got married. So thatโ€™s basically what happened

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