The Red Pike, season two

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The Red Pike, season two

Kenya’s story part two

By HaziHeeler

Kenya stumbled to a halt at the top of the cliff as he heard the familiar screech of a Deathworm up ahead. He scrambled up the last slope until he stood on a wind-battered ledge, gazing down below.

Two humans were standing defensively in between a triceratops and stegosaurus, facing a Deathworm.

‘They’ll be torn apart!’ he thought, bounding down the slope and sending up a wake of dust. He leapt in front of the humans, baring his fangs at the Deathworm. It let out a screech in its hard-to-hear voice, snapping its jaws angrily.

Kenya reared onto his hind legs, leaning against his tail slightly so he didn’t fall. “Back off!” he snarled, adding a deep snarl to his voice. “Leave them alone!” He looked over his shoulder at the humans briefly. “Make yourselves look huge,” he murmured to them, before turning back towards the Deathworm.

“Leave!” he repeated, snapping his jaws at the air. With a last screech, the Deathworm dove back underground, and the shuddering of the earth faded as the huge creature left.

Kenya dropped back into all fours, turning to face the humans. “Sorry about that,” he said. “Deathworms aren’t the nicest.”

The humans stared at him for a long moment, mouths open. One of them turned to the other and then finally said, “Did that thing just talk?”

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