Ark horror chapter. 2-lava

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Ark horror chapter. 2-lava

They went outside and had a look around. They saw the giant bear and it was running for them. A gigantic spindle with wings grabbed it and cooked it with wyvern breath. They looked around in the spaceship for anything to deal with it. In one of the rooms there was a drawing of the spaceship and the spino. The spino was called dread and the spaceship was called destroyer. It said destroyer vs dread. The bad thing was we all know who won. Then outside there was banging on the door. Emerald opened it and a army of skeletons ran in.emerald and Emily fought them off. The hyaena don squad was resting in one of the rooms. they kept the skeletons at bay. And finished them off. Then a big one the size of a Rex got in. They hit it multiple times. The bones were practically a big hyaenodon tracker. Hyaenodon s came and bit the skeleton. emerald cut its head off with a tek sword. The hyaenodons all rest in rooms while she ponders.

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