So one time on rag I had a spino that I had transferred…

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So one time on rag I had a spino that I had transferred from the island, he was level 120 when I was taming him then he was like level 153 or something then I bred him with my other lvl 230 imprinted spino (dang it fang) and got a lvl 341 spino, it became an adult and not 2 days later I was being raided, all my pets expect the lvl 341 spino and my sabertooth (mittens) died... the spino had murdered the last guy who somehow had a dang lava-elemental? He said it was a x elemental? So idk what that was but it died to meh spino! Hehe. So yea, NEVER underestimate your tames, they will loyally defend u and your honor.

(P.S srry I didn't care enough to type my first 2 spinos names :P)

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