The red war (Chapter 5)

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The red war (Chapter 5)

(Nerva let the pair out of their cages)

Rex: Thanks… nerva is it?

Nerva: Yes it is and we need to stop Tyrana.

(Nerva opens a curtain showing about 50 people in a large cave working on certain stuff)

Nerva: this is The Red War

(Familiar dinosaurs walk into the room but Rex didn’t recognize them until he saw the tel voice box)

Barry: I was able to escape with yuri and the others.

(Then 20 soldiers from Rex’s army come in)

Rex: I think I can make this work.

(Rex walks to an area where he sees a blueprint that looks like a tek suit and then spies Captain Sky working amongst the soldiers)

Rex: Good you made it out

Captain Sky: Barely

(Rex then sees a bunch of carnotaurus sized mech suits for humans)

Rex: What are these

Nerva: Soldier suits

Barry: how about dinosaur suits?

(Nerva walks away without answering Barry)

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