The Red War (Chapter 3)

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The Red War (Chapter 3)

By lava

Rex: are we nearby yet?

Barry: right over this hill should be the exact loca-

(Barry looks over the hill in shock when he sees a massacre of dead bodies.)

Barry: I think we should get moving

(Rex can’t stand the thought of if Tyrana could do that what would happen to them?)

Commander Sky: where are we going?

Barry: straight to their base

(He spies the base on the distance getting his army ready to charge)

(As Barry runs in Tyrana spots then coming and sends her army to Barry is winning the fight until Tyrana comes out in her Mech.)

Barry: oh no

(The army scatters into the trees when everyone starts dropping like flies)

Rex:where are the rest?

Commander Seth: we lost them but what matters mos-

(Raptors start chasing them through the jungle as they twist and turn till the raptors finally catch up smoke fills the air and no one can see till rex and commander Seth are pulled away into a dimly lit cave)

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