The Red War (chapter 1)

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The Red War (chapter 1)

By lava

It has been a while since I have made a story I know but now it’s time to find out where Barry has left off (this will be a short chapter)

(Rex wakes up in a tek dimension in some sort of special ops base)

Rex: Unhand me beast

(Rex spies a tek voice box on the baryonyx)

Barry: We need your help to fix this fight

Rex: what is going on

Barry: this is

(He sees a dimension in which Tyrana has taken over with a Mecha Goliath)

Rex: I still don’t understand

Barry: This is not how it’s supposed to be

Rex: and what do you expect me to do?

Rex: I don’t even have my army

Barry: Actually you do

(Rex observes his entire army in the distance some waiting for instructions and others disagreeing about whether they should be there or not with Barry’s friends)

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