The Sarcos

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The Sarcos

Survivors journal, entry one

Location: Prehistoric Island, My camp

Time: Noon

It is a sunny day. I walk out of my dodo pen with a single egg cluched in my hand. “This will be perfect for dinner,” I tell myself. I am just about to head to my house, a rickety thatch structure under a large stone arch next to where I keep my dodos and other egg laying pets, when I get this horrible feeling in my stomach. A ghastly feeling. A feeling that made me want to scream and run for my life. I look around, my heart pounding. Hissss! “I think It came from behind the rock on the shore.” I tell myself. I look at a moss covered rock sitting next to a strip of water that disconnects my home from the mainland. “A tail!!!” I screamed! It was something large behind that rock, and it was most definitely dangerous! I was not going to let it eat me, or my pets! I quickly ran to my hut dropping the egg. I reach in my storage box and pull out a handful of blue arrows that have been dipped in tranquilizer toxin. “Wait, where are my normal arrows?” I ask my self. “There is no time. These will have to do.” I run back outside, reach behind me, and grab a bow from my shoulder. I ready the arrow, pointing it behind the rock where I first saw the behemoth. Erie silence for a few moments and then, “Rarr!” The monsters roar, but it wasn’t from the front, but from behind me. I wip around to see my worst fears. A sarco headed straight towards me. My eyes bulge. I fire the arrow and it hits the sarco’s snout. The sarco roars in pain and furry! It lunges at me, but I role aside and strike it with another arrow! Mighty sarcos aren’t scared away that easily though. The sarcosuchus are formidable cold blooded predators. They largely resemble a giant crocodile with a long, skinny, spiky, snout. It rushes at me, it’s gaping jaws ready to swallow me whole! “Rarra!” I hear from behind me. It wasn’t a bad roar though, it was the call of my loyal dilophosaurus! He flys to my side like a lighting bolt, and spits green blinding goo into the monsters eyes. It thrashed its head, stunned for just a moment, trying to claw the goop out of his eyes. I hear another roar behind me again! “Seriously,” I am more annoyed then terrified by now. I turn and second sarco is running at me. “Go!” I yell to my dilo, “protect the others!” My dilo looks confused for a second. Then he nods his head and follows his command. I am not sure I might make it out of this one. One sarco is bad enough, but two is almost undefeatable! I am ready to call my other guardian animals to help me, but then I remember, I have traqu arrows! I get a idea. I leap out of the way of the second sarco. It try’s to stop but it ends up running into the first sarco. I giggle a little at the two toppled over beasts but then I pull myself back into the mission. I must get the sarcos the the reef! The first sarco pushes the second sarco off of him. I call to the sarcos, then I run to the beach at the other side of my island. The sarcos are closing in, they might not me as fast as some creatures, but they are fast! I see the ocean beyond a few trees. I will lead them there then traqu them. There are usually giant spiky turtle by there, so when the sarcos wake up, they will be their problem. I stop, noticing the sarcos have stoped following me. I ready the arrow, and spin slowly searching for them. If I know sarcos, they are planing a sneak attack. In the silence I hear another sound. It is less like a monsters wail, and more like a baby dino! Of corse! The sarcos have a nest here! That is why they are attacking in a pair! I run towards the sound. I stumble though the thick bushes of the jungle. I am almost out when I feel something clamp on to my leg. I scream as it drags me down! I kick and fling my free leg until I am free. I hit my attacker that was no doubt one of the sarcos. I stumble away. By now I was tired, hungry, and my leg was throbbing from the bite. I reach the beach that is connected to the strip of water that separates me and the mainland. Just beyond it is a pile of rocks and wood. That must be the nest! I run to it, only having to trek through nees deep water, and peer inside. A baby! A cute sarco baby! I stand in aww for a minute as the little baby topples around the nest. “Roar!” The sarcos finely caught up. I hate to to this but it is the only way. I pick up the baby and hold it out. “Uhh, sarcos, I have your baby! Don’t, uhh come any closer!” I was really scared that the sarcos where just going to attack me. I didn’t know what to do next. The sarco baby burbles at it’s mommy and daddy, who did not dare to come any closer. He looks back at me with the cutest saddest face I have ever seen. I know what to do. I hold the baby tight and walk to the shore. The larger, darker, sarco, who I think is the dad, growled in a way I could clearly understand as saying “don’t try anything”. I reach for a sharp stick on the ground, walk closer to the shore, and plunge it into a fish that was swimming by. The sarco parent gave me a look that was both confused and surprised. I drew the fish stick up to the baby and he chomped on it happily. I grab a piece of raw meat from my back pack that I was saving for a emergency, and toss it to the sarcos. The baby was still munching on his snack. The two sniffed it then ate it up. “There you go,” I told them. “See? I am not a threat.” I dropped the baby, and he ran to his mama and papa happily. The larger sarco crawls towards me. I reach my hand out expect have a sweet, we are friends now moment, but instead the sarco just shoved me to the ground with his snout. “Ya, I deserved that haha.” With one final Huff the sarcosuchus returns to his family and I head home. My dilo and other pets welcome me. I head to my house and collapse on my bed. My pet dimorphadon, flapped onto my back and stared me in the eyes. I smiled at him. “Welp, That was interesting. I wonder what will happen tomorrow” I yawn then go to bed. And that was the end of it.

-sarco master

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