(This is in fjord) I have a argy named Valkyrie (credit to…

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(This is in fjord) I have a argy named Valkyrie (credit to the person who suggested that) who was lvl 159 at the time this incident happened. I tamed her bc I wanted to move my base to the literal other side of the map and she was able to carry all of my creatures I had at the time. I took my fav tame first; my iggy named Autumn. I was half way there when I needed to land for stam, so I set down Autumn and rested. My stam was half full then I saw a lvl 98 giga charging toward me. I went into panic mode and started trying to pick up my iggy. I finally did but the giga was RIGHT THERE! It tried to attack but Valkyrie was fast enough to get away! She saved me and Autumn! Now we are at our new home safe and sound! 1 liek = one treat for my girl.

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