Mobile or Xbox/PlayStation witch it better?

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Mobile or Xbox/PlayStation witch it better?

I just put this on this page cus I new a lot of people look at it.

Mobile pros: easy controls, simple gameplay, can play anytime, a few dangerous or annoying creatures removed

Mobile cons: only island map, A few good creatures removed, less realistic graphics, running and maneuvering is harder(I would put the less real graphics in pros cus real graphics, they scare meh sometimes but it cooler to be more realistic)

Xbox/PlayStation pros: AMAZING graphics, easy to maneuver, cool creatures you canโ€™t get on mobile, more maps

Xbox/PlayStation cons: scarier creatures, progressing isโ€ฆ.different, canโ€™t turn without blur, hard to transfer large amounts of stuff into inventory (in my experience)

I will let you decide what one is better, but I personally like the simplicity of mobile

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