Ember woke up in her hide bed, her hand rested on her sleeping dodo Merble.

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Ember woke up in her hide bed, her hand rested on her sleeping dodo Merble. She rose out of bed, stepped on to the sand that lay all around her, and stretched. It was a new day. Perfect for gathering. Ember called Merble to her side and they started on the bushes around their camp. Emberโ€™s camp was perfect for her. A hide bed and a campfire both layed under a giant rock arch that protected from the rain. They were on a small island just a few minutes walk from mainland across the shallow, underwater sandbar. They never needed to go the the mainland though. There was food shelter and protection on the island. What else could they need. Ember started by collecting fiber from a banana plant wile Merble pecked at a seashell laying on the ground. Ember chuckled at her sweet friend then finished gathering. She had just plucked the final berry off of a fern when she heard something strange. A hiss from behind her that was something she had never heard before. She slowly turned her head, and what she saw was horrifying. I large crocodile-like creature slithering up beside her. She screamed then immediately dropped her berries and ran. Ember called for her dodo to return to her camp. Reluctantly Merble agreed with a cherp then ran for it, the crocodile right on her tail. Ember pulled out her club they ran to the snout of the croc and bludgeoned it in the nose. โ€œHey!โ€ Yelled Ember trying to distract the predator from her pet. โ€œOver here!โ€ the creature, maddened with a bloody nose lunged and Ember and gave her a nasty bite on the arm. Ember wailed. She pulled away from the sarco croc then rolled behind a boulder. She caught a faint breath. Every bone in her body shaking and her arm hurting like, well, a lot. With her club in her hand she leaped out from behind the boulder striking the sarco in the face. The monster snapped at Ember, but she dodged his jaws. She struck the abomination on the belly over and over. It howled in pain then tried to wip around to bite ember but it was to slow. Ember easily keeped to its side striking it with the club until it retreated in the water. She almost lunged at it but she felt a sudden stab of pain in her arm, her bite. The sarco was well enough away so she retreated to her camp where her dodo was waiting for her. She had defeated that monster for now, but it would return.

I hoped you liked my story itโ€™s 80% true I hade to shorten it but most of it (especially the croc attack) is true. ๐ŸŠ๐Ÿฆ–๐Ÿฆค

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