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Final chapter of ultimate legends problably. All sorts of fanfictions weird beast and his friends were here. They were going to war with derp. They marched all the way to derps GIANT base. He hand a huge army of gigantosaurus dominus and what’s that? WHAT HOW? Goliath was in the giant army. Ironically wrecker was on Barry’s team so… the armies charged and fought. Everything like lightning breath to bites. To giant armies fighting each other. In a small clearing there was derp. The dodorex from his childhood was also there. Then came his tribe of baryonyx. Approximately 50 vs a dodorex. Derp bit Barry on the leg. Barry bit and sliced at derp. Derp knocked Barry down and was getting ready to bite his head off when “CRUNCH” yuri was there biting on his neck. Derp couldn’t survive that. He fell dead on the ground. Barry stood on his body and roared. Gigantosaurus dominus charged at Barry and Wrecker took a chunk outta the beast. Goliath came in with his armor and his axe. Then came the ghidorasaurus. Together they could kill Goliath. Two giants came into view. One looked like Barry and one derp. huge beasts battled and everywhere there was blood. Eventually Barry’s side won. He returned everyone to their timeline. “Wrecker, now nerva, Tyrana… where is Tyrana” somewhere else there was a blueprint and Tyrana picked it up and went to her timeline.

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