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The jaws of death

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The jaws of death

Chapter twelve (the last chapter)

The battle against the mountain king was hard, especially for Sam. They used their blood blades to injure it, and then switched to their mega bows, Sam got knocked against a rock and injured, so Aidan had to finish the fight. He was forced to lure it off a cliff with some help from black fur, but nearly fell off.

“Are you ok Sam?” Aidan asked after defeating the mountain king.

“I think I broke something, but we shouldn’t worry too much. We need to get to the obelisk!”

“Yes, I agree” Aidan said. Sam got up, and with some help from black fur and Aidan, managed to get to the obelisk.

“Right then.” Aidan said “how do we get this thing to work?”

“I dunno”

“I wasn’t asking you!” Aidan snapped.

“Ok” Sam said quietly. Aidan walked up to some kind of terminal, and pressed the button on it. (I changed it around for this, so instead of taking them to the megapithecus arena, the obelisk will take them to a mysterious place that I made up)

There was a blinding flash of blue light that surrounded Sam, Aidan and black fur, causing them to cover there eyes for a few seconds while they waited for light to clear. When it did, they were left standing on a ridge overlooking a huge expanse of forests, lakes, rivers and fields, with huge, towering mountains in the distance.

“You are not serious” Sam exclaimed.

“This has got to be a joke!!” Aidan yelled


Next story, called ‘Clash Of The Bio-Kings’, will be in broodmother section.

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