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Apex predator

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Apex predator

Chapter thirteen

Aidan sat on the beach, it was the morning, and he had travelled a long way from the redwoods to finish off his dossier book (which wasnโ€™t in alphabetical order). He flipped through the pages, acidosaurs, carcharacetus, gorosuchus, savagaboa, sevrawings, ferocisaurus Rex and many more were in his book, which documented the mysterious new creatures appearing on the ark. The only one he didnโ€™t have a page for was the ferociraptor, a creature that stalked his nightmares. Aidan heard a screech and put away his dossier book, and pulled out his mega bow, looking around, however, he didnโ€™t see a thing, then a weight dropped onto him and lifted him into the air. Aidan looked up, and saw he was being lifted into the air by a vicious sevrawing,

โ€œLet go of me!!โ€ Aidan yelled, even though he knew it couldnโ€™t understand him. He angrily fired his mega bow, and he fell down, the arrow had struck the

sevrawing and killed it. As he fell, another swooped in and grabbed him, but he slashed it in half with his blood blade, and fell into the ocean, Aidan panicked, he knew carcharacetus patrolled these waters, and so he quickly swam towards the shore, and dragged himself out of the water.

The purple ferociraptor limped across the river shore, it had somehow managed to survive the fall, but was badly injured, it had been wondering towards the beach, occasionally hunting dodos to give himself energy, after a few days, it found another of its kind, and battled, the two clashed for a whole day, slashing and biting. Eventually, the battle ended, the purple ferociraptor stood over the others lifeless, mutilated corpse, it turned around towards the beach, and snarled, it could see its target, and was ready to kill.

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