Heya guys! Time for…

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Heya guys! Time for…


So, what I’m about to do is, tell u how their character voices actually are.

Starting with our main character:

Fury: So, basically, he’s just a topical little kid voice like with the girly ISH kid voice. Almost like the chipmunks but uh, not really. More like high pitched but also, low pitched. So in the middle.

Anubis: NOW THIS GUY, OHHH YEAHH! he has this champion big kid voice. More like half way low pitched. But yeah, the next one is more harder lol.

Sorrow: Now Sorrow, he’s more confusing..I can’t really explain too good but uh, he’s like low pitched but not TOO low pitched. That’d sound weird.

Shuttle: OFC! Shuttle, this is easy to explain bc he’s almost like Fury’s voice but more higher then that. NOT TOO HIGH! little bit like,..ok fine this is hard to explain 😂🤣😂.

Mia: oh, Mia? She’s like a mid schooler girl. Not too low, not too high. Idk how Cinderella sounds like bc I forgot but, kinda like that lol.

Joe: THE LAST ONE HERE! Nah just kidding. There’s more. So exciting! But um not to me bc I’m the one writing this and it’s hard to write something THIS LONG. Ok now for the voice. He’s like a mysterious guy voice. But like a mid school mysterious guy ofc.

Terror birds: AMERICAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Ok fr it’s American voice 🇺🇸. (For if anyone who watch’s skibbity toilet, that’s where I got americaaaa! from.)

Shadowmanes: Ofc, their like the wings of fire person that has the scrolls and stuff.

Dragon: queenish voice.

Pegas: minion like voice.

Raptors and alpha raptor: low pitched but not too low.

Velonasaurs and reaper: also low pitched but not too low.

Crystal queen wyvern: Queen voice.

Queen’s mother: also queen voice (she used to be Queen.).

Other wyverns: normal voices (like in the middle of low pitched and high pitched.).

And guys I think that’s it! (And if I missed a few then tell me bc I’ll make one of these for the ones I haven’t done yet.) I hope u like how my story is going ya’ll, and I’ll see u again soon!


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