(JERMEN: 6 year old Terror Bird

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(JERMEN: 6 year old Terror Bird

(IVY: 4 year old Terror Bird

(NAVEN: 10 year old Terror Bird

Prodoleuge: Never once were there a single Terror Bird in sight. Dodos we’re the only non flyable birds on earth, but since they have been the only ones, another appears….

Chapter 1

The new bird

Ivy walked by the water, waiting for someone to appear, “No people yet?” Jermen asked markedlessly coming from no where. Ivy replies awkwardly “ye-yes..” jermen smiles knowing what’s wrong, “Are you afraid of people that are older than us?” Jermen asked. Ivy didn’t wanna speak, but he had no choice. “Sigh) I’m sorry it’s just that I’m 4 years old they could be 10 or 11 years old-“ before he could finish his sentence, a Raptor appeared. Ivy yelled “RAPTOR, JERMEN RUN!” The Raptor looked curiously at the both of em. Naven appears. “Run now! I don’t want you to getting hurt after what happened to mom and dad! Go now!” Ivy and Jermen ran as fast as they could running back to the nest, Naven yelped as he passed out and the Raptor ran away, Ivy couldn’t dare to even look back, but he did! Seeing Naven passed out Ivy ran back. “IVY WHAT ARE YOU DOING!? DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND THAT THERES A-“ Jermen saw what happened and ran back too. The Raptor was gone, but Naven was almost dead at the sight of saving them. Who knows if he’s still alive, or dead. Ivy questioned himself: is he dead? Did the Raptor kill him? Without Naven, they might be alon forever.

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