Once I was just having a nice day and I saw a raptor, but…

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Once I was just having a nice day and I saw a raptor, but this raptor was different it was glowing and red... IT WAS AN ALPHA RAPTOR!!! Because I was not very smart when it comes to predatory dinos ( I’m still not) I figured I could tame it with my trusty slingshot, some bio toxin, and a ton of meat. So I went to go find more bio toxin, and on the way there I looked at the spot where the raptor was, but it was gone... I thought that it had probably moved farther down the beach, so I kept getting bio toxin. About five minutes later I saw someone running towards me, they looked pretty harmless so I just stood there. but they didn’t look like they planned to kill me, they looked like they were running away from something. And then I saw the raptor, it was chasing them down the beach at the speed of light, but I was very unlucky, and the raptor came towards me... and I just stood there, I was knocked out and then the raptor chased the other guy. I thought I could escape but instead of running from the raptor the guy came towards me and killed me and then ran on down the beach. The end πŸ¦–

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