Hi,this is mando,I'm once again making a story of a…

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Hi,this is mando,I'm once again making a story of a creature,idk why I am doing these stories but I am,I did one on the sabertooth,dragon,and leed.

The Mystery

"Look,my egg will soon hatch,I cant wait,I wonder if it will be a girl or boy" Medolena(mom rex) said to her husband Max(dad rex),"I hope the egg will hatch to be kind,sweet,and loving like you" Max said to her hugging her "aww,thank you max" Medolena said smiling,when night came along,Max got up and walked to the nest quietly,he looked at the egg and-

(In the morning,in the burrow,the mother lay on the ground murdered,and the egg was stolen,max was telling his neighbors about it) "I dont know! I just woke up and found Medolenas body on the ground,she was dead" the father weeped in pain,crying loudly,his neighbors tried to calm him but he just kept crying,a loud roar came from the woods,2 in fact,the spino known as Sniper,and the giga known as Megatron,were woken by the father's weep of despair "Toughen up rex!" Sniper snaped at Max hissing loudly "Rex are weak,old,creatures that dont belong in this world HA" Megatron said laughing at max,Max replied to them sternly "I dont know who stole my egg or killed my wife,but I'm shure it was you,if it is,I will end you-" Max growled "I dont think you can end us,I'm a spino,and hes a giga,we are unstoppable together" Sniper said in a calm,but rude voice "Shut up stupid Sniper,and retarded Megatron" Max said before whipping his tail around slapping the men in the face walking towards the den,*I will show Sniper and Megatron who's boss,I'm shure or it* he said in his mind,as he ate his wife and he shouldnt be,a few days later,Max said sorry to Sniper and Megatron and invited Sniper into his den for a...party. "wow,you really set up the party Max" Sniper said looking around "Thank you,I worked hard on it" he said as he went through his storage box "I have a surprise for you Sniper" max said as he continued to dig into the box "Turn around and close your eyes Sniper" max said "ok" sniper said turning around and he shut his eyes,wondering what the surprise would be,maybe a anky for dinner? Or a Pteredon Cake for a birthday? He didnt know.max finally got it,max shut his den door,and then,a long,roar that then became the groan of death came from Max's den and Sniper never returned,Megatron was curious and asked to come in, "can I come in Max?" He asked "In a sec! Max replied" "ok,come in,sorry,I had to clean up the mess" Max said stepping out of the way for Megatron,When megatron got in,Max slammed the door shut,Megatron admired his work he did to the den " it's amazing what you did to the den,even after your loss" Megatron said as he looked around "oh well,thank you Megatron,but it wasnt your fault,or anyone's from the loss" max said "of course it is," Megatron replied,still looking around the area "no it isnt because I killed them,I killed sniper,my wife,and ate the egg" Max said.Megatron gasped and turned around,he slipped past max and opened the door and roared out "MAX IS A MURDERER-GAAAAAAAAAAH" Megatron said his last words,as he fell to the ground,with a pike though his body,from Max,everyone saw the death and killed max,though max haunts his neighborhood till this day.

Hope you enjoyed the story,I certaintly did

Sincerely and loving,The Alpha God known as Mando

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