The Compy Chapter 1 (BEWARE THE GORE)

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The Compy Chapter 1 (BEWARE THE GORE)

The little girl ran as fast as she could through the trees and bushes,jumping over dodos and sliding under trikes,stegos,and bronts. She looked back seeing her brother still behind her "COME ON MAXIMO(brother), IM WINNING,IMA BEAT U TO THE FINISH LINE" Snowshine said as she was sprinting faster then ever "I'm trying,wait,snowshine,i hear somethAAAAAAAAH-" Maximo screamed and then it stopped right when it started "Maximo?" Snowshine looked around for her brother,not finding him,it has a year and she never could find her brother,but she never gave up."Dad,did you save some for my brother,incase he finds his way home? Snowshine said as she ate "yes Snowshine,I saved ALL the year of food,but half is rotting and attracting compys,so,we will no longer save the good food,face the fact,he died" her father said as he got napkins for each other

"I will not!" Snowshine said,but when she said it,a long,scraping noise came from the door,then a loud groaaaaan came from outside the door "Dad-" Snowshine said as she his under the table a bit.Then it burst in,a boy,with bites all over,his eyes were no longer in the sockets,leaving it empty,the boy was missing a hand,and a leg, his jaw was sloped,and he was green,white,grey,and black,and he was familiar,he was the Kings son,who died years ago,"RUN SNOWSHINE" the father said as he was being eaten by the zombie,blood spurting from his brain do to the bite,and he soon enough died,without looking back,Snowshine sprinted into the forest full speed and she saw a body laying on the ground...Maximo...he was eaten by compys,Maximo soon enough got up,he had one eyes,guts hanging out,and something broke into his heart and tore it right out leaving it hanging,he had bites all over from compys,and he ran towards Snowshine grinning with blood dripping from his mouth he jumped up and-

Part 2 will be in compy,stories,if I get 20 likes

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