Another day had come.

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Another day had come. This was moving day. The survivor had been working on his new home for weeks and he couldn’t wait to move in. He got on his boat next to the raptor and set his carno and sarco to follow next to his carybonemus. He was about half way there when disaster struck. His carno went under. It took a little longer for the sarco but he did too. The turtle came next, and then WUMP! The boat got hit. The survivor tried to keep moving but was too slow. The boat was on its last leg and he knew he would have to swim for it. He wasn’t that far either, he could see it. Then the last blow came and he was plunged into icy cold water. He tried to swim but he was quickly chomped. Some how when he ran to the water from his new base sitting there on the beach was one lvl 22 otter and a lvl 5 raptor. He quickly (and gently) grabbed the otter and mounted the otter. He took the raptor to the fenced in yard and as for Otto, he was led on the bed.😌

Otto 2 true story

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