I highly recommend taming an moshops.

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I highly recommend taming an moshops. They are very cute and loyal but are defenseless and when a battle takes place it hides behind you most of the time. Sometimes they are too loyal. One day i went out with my dodo٫4 dilos and my moshops٫ Lula. I went into a river to get fish meat when a couple jellyfish come at us! We were deep in the water and i couldn't escape so i fought with all my might. They killed me within seconds. My Dino's were on passive so they just stood there٫ Including Lula. I was extremely mad when it said that all my Dino's got killwd. Especially when it said my favorite and first dildo ever tamed٫ Beans٫ was killed. She went everywhere with me. Hit the top arrow or f in honor of beans٫ Lula ٫ rango٫ Slicer٫ Raina and Liam

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