Ep. 4 dodo diarys

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Ep. 4 dodo diarys

Ella ran and hid behind a tree, but in her fright she had forgotten to pick up Ramon in the process! Her only Family left or so she thought have all been eaten. She heard a screech super high pitched that made her yell in pain. Eardrums throbing more then ever, when every thing was quiet she looked behind the tree and she saw everything demolished but little Ramon. Ella ran to him and hugged him tightly. He stiffened with the sudden contact but relaxed after a while. She cried softly as the shadows covered the forest. Shivering, she looked around and saw a couple of stones. Ella remembered her parents had taught her the basics on crafting so she knew how to build a campfire. She gathered the stones and snapped off a branch of a near by tree and crafted a pickaxe. She followed a trail of rocks and picked them up until there was ten. Then Ella went back to Ramon and pickaxed to get some thatch and wood. I’m almost max so ep. 5 tomorrow

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