Dodo diarys 5

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Dodo diarys 5

Once she had crafted a campfire 🔥, Ella groaned and collapsed on the ground exhausted. She looked around, uneasily for danger. She sat up and whispered, “Will you keep watch?” Ramon squealed. Ella took that for a yes. She yawned and passed out by the fire after she lit it. After a little while, Ramon nosed Ella in the face waking her up instantly and cutting her face with his sharp beak. She cried out in pain, holding her hands to her face. Ella lifted her hands as blood dripped down her face. Then she remembered he was keeping watch. Her eyes watering, she stumbled to her feet and blew out the fire. Ella knew that it was around four in the morning and that this was the time the predators come out. At least the rest of them do. She hid behind a bush with Ramon as there was a loud stomp. Then another. Each stomp was louder until it was so loud that Ella was flinching while covering her ears, Ramon seeming unaffected. Ep. 6 soon

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