Ep. 6 dodo diarys.

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Ep. 6 dodo diarys.

All of a sudden the stomping stopped. Ella searches her mind for what the creature could be. She heard a sniffing sound so loud she knew instantly it was a Rex. She inhaled a breath in terror, giving away her position. There was a growl then a terrible roar. Before the Rex could do any damage Roman waddled to the Rex and squawked are it trying to protect Ella. She whispers harshly, your gonna get killed come back here!!! Your not even a day old. The Rex looked down at the little dodo and snapped at him. Roman dodged just in the nick of time. Ella gasped in relief and realized she had forgot about her cut on her forehead which was dripping blood. At that moment the Rex lost interest in Roman, smelled the blood and charged toward her hiding place. She screamed and scrambled away as it’s mouth try’s to grab her. In her fear she was blinded and bumped into a tree. The image of the Rex’s teeth snapping at her was imbedded in her mind. The Rex ran up to her and picked her up with it’s teeth, making her flinch in distress. Luckily it had her legs between it’s teeth so it hadn’t made any damage. It started shaking her around as she yelped in panic. Roman seemed depressed that his girl was being tortured so he bit the Rex on the toe. He bit hard enough to make the Rex growl in pain since his beak is so sharp. ep. 7 soon

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