Hey its me back with dodo diarys ep. 3

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Hey its me back with dodo diarys ep. 3

Ella curled into a ball and whimpered٫ protecting the baby dodo٫ but before it could get to her it stopped and ran away. Ella peeked and uncurled looking around. She realized just how deep she had run into the forest. In all her fear she had forgotten about her parents had forbid her from going this far. The baby dodo started squawking randomly and nipped at her shirt. He accidentally bit some of her skin٫ taking of a chunk. Blood flowing everywhere٫ She yelled at the dodo for being a pest. Ella heard a earpiercing roar and trees knocking down. She took a glimpse behind her when the notice stopped and a choppy ran up to her. She looked at it curiously and said. "aren't you a cutie!!!!" And ran up to it. It made an weird sound.?All of a sudden the earpiercing roar happened again and a tsunami of chompys came raining down. As she stared up at what seemed to be her doom and thought ٫ could this get worse. Ella still had many more adventures.ep4t

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