New story -lava the dilo

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New story -lava the dilo

The extinction war

While they threw a party ember was acting suspicious so Barry said he had to go. Secretly Barry was spying on ember to see what was wrong. Then he heard a whistle that he recognized, the aggressive whistle. He saw as all of embers tames attacked him and the wild dinos they fought while Barry grabbed the mega mek a sword. He killed all of the tamed titans with it. The wild dinos weโ€™re winning and thatโ€™s when he saw itโ€ฆ a huge army marching towards them. The wild dinos had to run before they all got killed Though he swore revenge on ember. There were dinos chasing them. They captured most of Barryโ€™s army and took them away. The only ones left was Barry, his sister, the male dilo, the female dodo the adult male giga yuri the yuty and her favorite carno.

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