Trilobite life chapter 3 ( you can find chapter 1 in the…

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Trilobite life chapter 3 ( you can find chapter 1 in the trilobite section and chapter 2 in the leedsicthys section)

Today was a strange day a man, a human male was traveling and found me. I didnโ€™t wanna have beef with him so I turned away very shy. Before I could even react I feel a large force slamming into my back. โ€œW-WHYโ€ I yell out, but they canโ€™t understand us. I swim into the water trying to get away but he swims after me. But suddenly I feel no more pain. Well at least no more additional pain my shell still hurts from that beating but it took me while to notice how far I actually swam I look up and to my shock o see that the human got clapped a megalodon. โ€œThat has gotta hurtโ€, I said while digging into the sand trying to hide from the Meg before she makes me a nice crunchy snack. I begin to rest after being a few feet below the sand... TBC

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