Hello I’m a dung beetle today I’ll be talking about…

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Hello I’m a dung beetle today I’ll be talking about well me and what has happened throughout my life. Guys just a disclaimer WE DO NOT EAT POO!! WE EAT SPOILED MEAT!! Any way back to me. I’ve been tamed just a few days ago and my owner has quit a few dinos that are scary but. When you grow up ina. Dark cave will dilos, bats, giant snakes spiders and scorpions. It was hard for me to be afraid of anything he had. Accept the tamer. He wore chitin armor which is the exoskeleton of my kind and relatives as well as the spiders and scorpions in the cave I lived in.he got me when I was lvl 16 now I’m level 18 some real progress right there. A carno tried to kill me after it broke into the base but the the tamer knocked it out but didn’t kill it. Then shove meat downer her throat as well as so sort of green liquid. The. She... liked him? She kind of obeyed his commands. My tamer says I eat her poo but I turn it into fertilizer fo his garden. And oil for something.

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