Trilobite life. Chapter 1 the beginning

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Trilobite life. Chapter 1 the beginning

There never seems to be enough to eat these days ever since these new devilish piranhas have invaded our home they have chased us away we now feed on scraps of dead fish and/or sea weed. But the predatory fish aren’t the only danger. Animals form the surface have begun to hunt us but not too commonly. Accept for one of them, humans...we flee from there territory very often as most humans make there home near large water sources. One day I was just out playing with my family and then suddenly my brother starts to telling us to leave the area immediately. Before I even have time to question this order I see a large baryonyx starts tearing through the water and starts killing the piranhas. Me and the rest of us leave in a huge hurry, same with all the fish there too. Well I’ve fled to herbivore island I guess my new life in this old island is just beginning let’s make the most of it. I settle in and prepare for survival here

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