Fear ark chapter 1 (btw make a name for your characters)

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Fear ark chapter 1 (btw make a name for your characters)

Seth story. (This is a 1 series story)

I woke up on the island and took a quick look around. If was unlinke the real world. He started building and. Made a small base with some primitive weapons. All of a sudden a dark animal ran across a field and is going straight to his base. It got to him and grabbed him by his throat. Seth was choking but was hitting it with a stone axe. Then a soldierish person ran for him. It stabbed at the creature. The creature killed it and Seth grabbed the soldiers stuff and stabbed the thing threw its mouth I killed it. Then I saw what it had. It had some worthless meat and then some bones. He got back to his base and had a bad feeling about this world. Then he went out to tame something and saw a raptor it was boney but he figured it could work . He got back to his base climbed a little hill and saw a furry giga that breathed fire killing everything.

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