The genesis season 2 part 8

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The genesis season 2 part 8

Long Ears:So, we have 24 mutagen

Squeaks:We’ve completed the missions

Fuzzball:Do we really wanna do this?

Sandy:Of course


And then, they went down the ship.

They suddenly saw horrifying sticking out of the wall

Rockwell:They all begged for their lives, no please I don’t want to die! Go on, grovel, I promise I won’t think any less of you. I don’t think I could think any less of you.

Squeaks:Be quiet you nightmare!

Rockwell:You’re like a vole that tunneled into an abattoir.

And there’s no scurrying out.

Long Ears:We are not voles!

As they put the tribute mutagen in the door opened.

Rockwell:Why not die already?

Long Ears:Because we can win.

Rockwell:Sure, well you can fight this.

Suddenly Rockwell summoned shadow manes and noglins. And his tentacles came out of the ground.

They managed to kill the tentacles, the shadow manes were hard but they died. But the noglins, they took over Fuzzball.

Fuzzball:Die squeaks!

Long ears managed to kill the Noglin, but it’s brief control of Fuzzball made Fuzzball tired.

So the battle continued without her.

As they beat everything Rockwell showed his true form. As Rockwell was angrier they’d have to try harder.

Long Ears:I found something called an exo-mek

Fuzzball:Let’s get in!

Squeaks:All right!

Rockwell:Don’t you dare! If you shoot your done! I’ll bring the whole ship down with me!

Long Ears:We’ll take that chance!


As the ship blew up the Jerboa family hiding in the exo-mek all gasped in awe as they flew through space seeing the beauty. They also realized Rockwell would never be a problem again. Suddenly, they fell on earth, but not our earth

The end of the Rockwell Story arc


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