The Genesis part 10

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The Genesis part 10

As Fuzzball and squeaks helped long ears in their new little tree burrow they saw something truly terrifying

Two arthropleuras

Fuzzball:Squeaks do you know what that is?!

Squeaks remembered some humans talking about it

“A giant bug, it eats spoiled meat, it tends to keep some blood ready to spit in case it needs to attack, it’s very acidic”

Squeaks:We need to run! Long ears come!

Then they landed in a place that looked a rock in the space.

Woohoo! Part 10 ive written ten chapters of the genesis I’m so glad for all the support I’ve gotten along the way.

If ur wondering what’s gonna happen next,

A:Pugnacia will get involved (search that up its An ark dinosaur mod)

B:It’s gonna have whales ;)

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