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Anomaly-62 also know as the “Glow bug” is an anomalous insect entity that is aloud to freely wander the world of aberration in all most just as long as it doesn’t attempt to enter restricted areas of the map or attempt to breach the underground and wander the surface.

Special containment procedures, There are none. Other than it is to never attempt to breach the underground and venture into the surface. Population check are too be done every month to ensure they are not wiped off the map. Any “glow bug” wandering the surface is to be immediately transported to the underground and run a medical checkup to make sure is not harmed. If anomaly-62 is unharmed it is to be released away from the site as far as possible. If injured it is to remain under site-care until it is Able to survive again. If an anomaly-62 is found dead at the surface it is to be transported to site and the body is to be incinerated.

Anomaly-62 is 2 feet long and 1/2 a feet tall and is equipped with several insect-like features. Six legs, short antennas, a glowing abdomen and of course large wings. Any personnel including d class are aloud to play with anomaly-62 if they are on break or have no tasks at that time. Anomaly-62 has shown no signs of aggression towards humans and tends to ignore them, if they are harmed or threatened by any being they will immediately attempt to flee, flying at a quick pass to avoid its attacker. The fluid inside of its abdomen appears to be able to power electronics, and even provide fuel for glow sticks it is a natural source of light inside of the dark undiscovered areas of aberration.

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