Southern Isles: Part 1, A biologist named Athena Hatsokiko…

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Southern Isles: Part 1, A biologist named Athena Hatsokiko was looking at Argentavis, she watched for a while and realized that something was stomping and disturbing the peace, she took a closer look with her binoculars and said โ€œThatโ€™s bizzare, I never saw something like that beforeโ€ she quickly noted about that creature and looked at her dossiers that she collected from weird runes, it was a gigantonotosaurus! She Slowly walked away but then realized it was running at her, she ran for life but it caught up, she had no choice but to put a dart in it, it falls down unconscious and she gets on her Tapejara to continue observing. (Part 2 will be in the Griffin section once itโ€™s out!)

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