The Forest Isles: Chapter 1: A young, little female wyvern…

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The Forest Isles: Chapter 1: A young, little female wyvern was born, but she was extremely small and she loved exploring, she then had plasma like pattens on her wings when she was 10, her parents then abandoned her and threw her out to sea, 5 years later The wyvern woke up on shore of a tropical land, she was confused since she lived at a volcano for a long time, she got up, weak from lack of eating, she walked slowly to a dodo and picked it up, she slowly bit into it making sure she wonโ€™t break a tooth, when the dodo is dead, she eats its corpse, she then saw a massive wyvern that was a tropical, she was confused then she heard โ€œHello, Plasma Wyvern.โ€ She was confused as she thought she was a normal wyvern and her breath was a plasma ball, she was conflicted sheโ€™ll name herself Austro, 5 more years later, she was absolutely massive, Austro shot a plasma ball at an enemy wyvern, The wyvern yells โ€œYou wonโ€™t get away with this!โ€ And flys away.

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