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(Blood In The Water Chapter 1) Pandora was in a yacht.

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(Blood In The Water Chapter 1) Pandora was in a yacht. And a few hours later, She was scared as hell, She heard loud noises, And then the Boat was sinking. She swam to the nearest island. And was covered in seaweed, She got up and Ripped a huge stick from a tree, And grabbed a stone, And wrapped the stone to the stick. And then headed off, And fell suddenly, Being caught by a strange bird. A flock of them, They took her to their nest, And attacked her, She used her pickaxe to break one of the birdโ€™s Skulls, And she stabbed one of them, Another had their spine snapped, And one was caught in her hands, She took them out of her hands and pet them. They named the bird โ€œFloraโ€.

(And thatโ€™s a cliffhanger, Sorry. -HW)

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